Direct Mail Targeted Postcards

Aggressive coupons, mailed to targeted households, bring customers into your store.


Target any category of customers: seniors, vitamin users, allergy suffferers,
arthritis sufferers, diabetics, plus many more!



• Postcards include custom design, postage and delivery to a named recipient.

 • All of our lists are opt-in and HIPAA compliant.

 • Oversized postcards are 5.5" x 11".



Direct Mail Postcard-EDDM

(Every Door Direct Mail from the U.S. Postal Service)



• Large oversized postcards are 6.5" x 12"

• Custom design included
• Shipped to your store
   (Store is responsible for mailing costs and delivery to the Post Office)
• Includes completed EDDM facing slips and routing information


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from all of our programs.

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